Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


i didn't get a chance to watch the hope for haiti now special on friday night. but i just watched a few of the performances. i am in love with this one by justin + matt morris. so pretty. if you haven't given or you would like to again, please donate here.

philly cupcake.

anyone who knows me, knows how much i enjoy the perfect little cupcake. so i get very happy when i find a new cupcake bakery. last week i came across philly cupcake! they are located at 1132 chestnut street in philadelphia. i haven't had a chance to stop in yet but look at their delicious creations....

vegan peanut butter + jelly cupcake

vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream

chocolate cupcake with caramel buttercream + twix crumbles

strawberry cake + strawberry buttercream: chocolate covered or regular.

lemon cupcake with lemon cream cheese frosting

chocolate peanut butter massacre:
chocolate cupcake with peanut butter buttercream + resse crumbles

chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream

devil's food cupcake with oreo vanilla buttercream

all photos are from their facebook page!

Friday, January 15, 2010

i need these.

how fun are these chairs?! they were created by a fun italian accessory company seletti. they have padded seats in six pantone colors including: 672c pastel pink, 186c ruby red, 377c macaw green, 14-0848 mimosa, 268c royal purple, and cool grey.


the sunday night after our wedding, we stayed at a new, swanky hotel aloft philadelphia airport. it was so funky!!! while we waited for our shuttle to the airport at 3am, i was running around the lobby taking pix! after upgrading to first class (our first time!!!), the 5 hour flight from atlanta, and the hour and a half shuttle ride from the st. lucia airport to the sandals grande st. lucian we finally were officially honyemooning :)

we had such a fabbbbbulous time! i cannot even begin to explain the level of happiness the sandals staff displayed. anything we needed, they were there for us! we had decided before we left we were not going to do any excursions or running around....just relax (and of course, eat and drink). we definitely did that, however, we decided to go on a great hike up pigeon island the friday before we came home. at the end, we were suprised (by the concierge staff) with a sunset boat ride around the inlet! sadly my camera broke half-way through the trip, so we had to buy some disposable cameras (which in my opinion, turned out pretty artsy!) st. lucia is a beautiful and amazing place, i would definitely recommend it!!!

fyi...i uploaded the photos backwards (oops!)

mimosas & breakfast in first class!

at the airport at 4am.

the swanky aloft hotel.

my artsy disposable camera film!