Friday, August 26, 2011

keep calm.

what a first week back from earthquake and a hurricane! wishing everyone a safe, dry and happy weekend.

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

spa castle. nyc.

instead of buying holiday gifts for each other, my college friends and i have created this tradition of a girls trip to nyc. usually for a day of shopping, cocktails and of course food! this time we decided to do something a little different and have a spa day. after months of narrowing down a day, we finally made our way to spa castle in college point, new york. we had been planning this day since christmas!

this spa is not your typical day spa, it is a unique combination of asian, european and american style. throughout the facility you cannot wear shoes and a uniform (which was provided) must be worn at all times unless on the bade pool decks. there were seven amazing saunas ranging from an iceland sauna (it really had thick ice on the ceiling!) at 55 degrees to an extremely cleansing jade sauna at 181 degrees. in each of the two pools there were massage jet chairs and benches, some with powerful spouts on the pool deck that poured water on your back/head creating an unbelievable pressure massage. you also could book various massages, manicures, and pedicures if you  felt the need for even more pampering! alcohol was served for those of age in a few locations, however, you were limited to a three drink minimum. needless to say, we were beyond relaxed after the six hours we spent lounging in the sun and testing all of the water massages and saunas.

after the spa, we headed to a quick dinner at zigolinis pizza bar before we had to catch our bus home. along with a refreshing pitcher of rose sangria, we shared two of the most delicious pizzas ever. it was a great day of pampering and yummy treats. can't wait to go back to that spa...

Monday, August 1, 2011

happy two.

happy two year anniversary to one of my bestest (and longest friends) erin and her fabulous husband keith. e + k you are the best, hope you have a happy day! e1sw2howu :)