Sunday, January 6, 2013

twenty twelve.

it's hard to believe that we are already six days into twenty thirteen. i feel like we just were ringing in the new year last year. twenty twelve was a year filled with lots and lots of great times. pat and i went on an amazing vacation to puerto rico. after ten years, i officially left my job at kelsh wilson design to take on loveleigh invitations full-time. chey and i had a fabulous photo shoot at our newly-completed studio styled by kimberly from styled creative + shot by courtney apple photography. had our first loveleigh soiree for our family. went on my second super awesome camping trip. we worked with so many great brides! baby mason was born. phillies games. sam and jim got married. took our annual trip to ocean city, maryland. and fiona rae was welcomed in to the world.

here's to a fresh new start, new chapter, new twenty thirteen!